Man Dies Over Mother’s Day Long Weekend

Road going back to where the drinking session was held. Photo: Jaleen Tupai.

Police are investigating the death of a man in his 30s from Tufulele, believed to have died after a drinking session over the Mother’s Day long weekend.

When contacted, Deputy Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo said the cause of death is not yet known, however, the injuries on the man’s body were severe.

“It is not yet clear whether the man was beaten or he took a fall, but so far, we have been told that nobody saw what happened,” said Auapaau.

“O le tala lea e aumai, e lei iai se isi na vaai iai i le taimi na tupu ai, ae o atu ua pa’u i lalo le tama, ae e fai lava sina tuga o manuaga i lona tino”.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Auapaau Logoitino Filipo.

Auapaau said the deceased is suspected to have a mental condition, and is often seen begging in town, in his regular spot infront of a restaurant in Apia.

Preliminary investigations have found the deceased was taken to Leulumoega-Tuai district hospital yesterday afternoon for treatment, but was later released.  The Deputy Police Commissioner said he is surprised the hospital released him, given the severity of this injuries.

The road to where the drink-up was held, goes inland behind the Faleolo District Hospital.

“Those who brought the deceased to the hospital took him back to where the drink-up had been, and Police were only contacted yesterday evening, when the man had died,” said Auapaau.

“From what I can see of his injuries, they should have probably kept him at the hospital”.

“O le faamatalaga na aumai i le falemai i Leulumoega, sa togafitia o ia, ma toe release ai e le falemai, a’o la e soifua lava si tama. Ae o la’u tilotilo i manuaga, sa tatau lava ona taofi.”

According to information from Police, the drinking session started on Sunday afternoon, and continued on to Monday.

According to villagers of Satapuala, the incident happened deep inland from STEC land, in a place called, ‘Sina’ believed to have been a settlement for Samoa Trust Estate Corporation workers.

“O Sina, Afia ma Vaipapa, o nofoaga na o aufaigaluega a le STEC”, said a Satapuala villager who added that his son told him the security guard lived in Sina and they did hear about a man who died on that inland part of STEC land.