Covid Update: Samoa Records 3 New Deaths and 1,166 New Cases in Four Days

Motootua National Hospital 2022 / SGN, Taielua.

22 April 2022, Apia Samoa.  After six days without an update of Samoa’s Covid-19 situation, the Ministry of Health has issued a 7-day report, from 2pm Sunday 17th April to 2pm Sunday 24th April 2022 – stating there have been three deaths in that period, and 2,214 new community cases detected taking Samoa’s total registered cases to 8,351.

The last report issued, however, gave an update of Samoa’s numbers to Wednesday 20th April 2022, so the current report does not continue on from Wednesday 20th April, but rather, takes us back to include three days already reported.

Situation from Wednesday 20th April to Sunday 24th April 2022

To avoid confusion, and continuing on from the previous update report distributed to the public, a quick exercise of subtraction determines that between the four days from Wednesday 20th April to Sunday 24th April – Samoa has recorded 1,166 new community cases and three new covid-related deaths. 

In relation to the deaths, however, the MOH report states that, “there are other deaths among registered cases that are not primarily caused by COVId-19”.

However, the number of other deaths among registered cases that are not primarily caused by Covid-19 is not given by the Samoa Ministry of Health. It is unclear from the Ministry of Health reports, if Samoa would be counting the deaths where Covid-19 has been a contributing factor, or those that have been accelerated and/or precipitated by COVID-19.

Savaii and Manono

In the four days from Wednesday to Sunday last week, Savaii cases have moved from 525 to 736 – an increase of 211 in the past four days. Manono has increased by just 3, from 5 to 8.

Babies 0-4 years 

For the same four-day period, the number of babies between 0 to 4 years has increased by 141 – an average of 35 babies each day.  The number for this age group is once again, substantially higher in comparison to the increase in cases for children 5-9 years (up by 66) and 10-14 years (up by 89).

There are now 627 babies between 0-4 years registered as having contracted Covid-19 since the outbreak, compared to children aged 5-9 (315 cases) and 10-14 (437 cases).

Cases at Motootua National Hospital

According the MOH report, of the 191 admissions to Motootua National Hospital since the community outbreak on March 17th, 145 have recovered and been discharged home. Of the 46 remaining, 24 are reported to be in managed isolation and four cases in ICU. The 22 unaccounted for in the MOH report may include some of the covid-related deaths, and perhaps “deaths among registered cases for which the cause was not primarily covid”.


On a positive note, Samoa has achieved high vaccination rates across the board. For adults over 18 years, 92% have received two doses, while the first dose is reported to be at 100%. The boosters are not moving as quickly as expected for adults despite promotions and reminders that vaccination remains the best defense. Eligible adults are 55% boosted – or 67,244 out of the target 121,891.

Children between 12-17 years, the double vaxxed rate is 86% while the first dose is again reported as 100%. For children 5-11 years, 49% are double vaxxed, while 96% have received first doses.

The MOH continues to issue reminders for the public, to remain vigilant and adhere to public health advice to wear face masks, maintain 2 meter social distancing in public places and ensure safe personal hygiene at all times.

“Those who are feeling unwell are strongly advised to stay home and isolate to keep your families and loved ones safe. Please ensure eligible members of the household are vaccinated at the earliest possible.”


COVID-19 Situation Summary prepared by the Ministry of Health as at 2:00pm Local Time April 17th to 2:00pm April 24th 2022 is provided in the tables and graph below:

The previous report as at Wednesday 20th April 2022:

Report as at 2pm Wednesday 20 April 2022.