NEOC Covid Update: 263 New Cases with 1,712 Active out of 3,260

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Friday 8 April 2022, Apia Samoa. The latest Community Transmission – Cases Update Report issued by the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) makes no mention of the 3 ICU cases which they had reported as being in critical condition at the Motootua National Hospital yesterday. Yesterday, 3 cases were reported to be in ICU and today, there are no cases in ICU, according to the NEOC report.

Latest Report – NO CASES IN ICU

Yesterday’s Report – 3 CASES IN ICU

As at 2pm Wed 6 April 2022.

The report confirms 263 new community cases in the last 24 hours, taking the number of cases for Samoa since the start of the outbreak to 3,260. According to the report, of that number, 1,712 or just over half, are active cases.

The Ministry’s report no longer lists the number of recovered cases, however, if the public are to follow their previous calculations, there are over 1,500 recovered cases.

The report states there are 9 cases currently in managed isolation at the Moto’otua National Hospital.

Savaii registered an additional 10 cases in the last 24 hours, and there are still no community cases recorded for the islands of Manono and Apolima.

The Ministry administered 29,630 RATs to date. Compared to the positive cases, that means 11% of all tests have returned positive.  There were 1,800 tests reported to have been conducted in the past 24 hours. That means the positivity rate of 263:1800 is 14.6%.  There was no mention of “attack rates” previously reported by the NEOC.

Update: See Article – Three Cases at Motootua National Hospital Yet to be Verified as Covid-Related.