Court to Consider Bail for Father Charged with 79 Counts of Rape

Defendant was taken back into custody for failing to appear in Court. Image: Maina Vai, SGN.


The Supreme Court will decide on a bail application filed for a father who pleaded not guilty to 79 charges of rape and 79 charges of incest back in December 2019.

The defendant was originally granted bail when the matter was first called in late 2019, but was taken back into custody after failing to appear for a set Court hearing last November 2020.

Last week Justice Fepuleai Ameperosa Roma set a June hearing date for the accused and ordered any further bail application to be considered in a separate hearing.

Defense Counsel Afamasaga Michael Soonalole told the Court his client’s bail application had been filed and served to prosecution.

The matter is further adjourned until next week to give Prosecution time to respond.

Justice Fepuleai Ameperosa Roma granted the defendant name suppression to protect the identity of his biological daughter.

Marieta H Ilalio