Court Grants Second Chance to Youth who Caused a Fire at Saanapu Petrol Station

Petrol station destroyed by Fire

A 17-year-old boy charged in connection with a fire that destroyed a petrol station at Saanapu in February 2022 has been granted a discharge without conviction by the Supreme Court.

The youth has also been granted name suppression to ensure he is able to move forward from the incident for which his lawyer told the Court, he was deeply remorseful.

Police charged the 17 year old with intentional damage when the fire completely destroyed the petrol station that services the the South West of Upolu.

Justice Tafaoimalo Tologata Leilani Tuala-Warren said the charges was a serious offence with a maximum penalty of 14 years.

The Courts, however, considered submissions by defense counsel Quentin Sagaga, that the 17 year old was deeply remorseful. His family had performed a traditional apology to the family of Member of Parliament Leaana Ronnie Pisini, who owns the petrol station.

Justice Tuala-Warren said in handing down the decision that the age of the defendant must also be taken into account. He is also a first offender and has an opportunity to further his education abroad.