Court Denies Bail for Man Charged with Double Murder of Father and Son

Village of Fogapoa, Savaii. PC: Kuki Co Ltd.

The man arrested and charged for the double murder of a father and his son over a land dispute in Fogapoa, Savaii, has been denied bail by the Supreme Court of Samoa this week.

Aui’a Fereti Moefiti, also of Fogapoa, pleaded not guiltily to all six charges filed against him including murder, attempted murder and the alternative lesser charges of grievous bodily harm.

The Supreme Court decision was handed down by Justice Niava Mata Tuatagaloa following a bail hearing where defense counsel told the Court the defendant’s family had already paid a fine to the village, and performed a traditional ifoga apology to the victims’ family.

Police had said at the time of the incident, that Auia had turned himself in at the Tuasivi police outpost immediately after the incident.

Police also said at the time that they were in possession of the suspected murder weapon.

“O lea ua i lima o leoleo le laau malosi o loo masalomia i lenei faalavelave.”

Auia will remain in custody until the Court hearing set down for 13 March 2023.