Courageous Mother Shares Covid Experience and Urges All Samoans to “Please Get Vaccinated”


A Samoan mother has taken the courageous step of sharing her family’s experience with COVID-19, in the hope of sending a strong community message, to “please get vaccinated”.

“Please, especially as a mother, you have to do it for your children”.

Jacinta Setu and her husband Ofo tested positive for COVID-19 last week, and this also placed their children at risk.

The Setus had been enjoying a family weekend BBQ when a phone call from Ofo’s workplace advised they needed to immediately isolate, and be tested for the coronavirus.

Mrs Setu says the symptoms of the deadly virus came upon them quickly, and even before her results had come through, she was experiencing an acute backpain.

“I knew my results were going to come back positive because of the symptoms I was already experiencing”.

Jacinta shares that she could hardly open her eyes, she struggled to breath and her back pain was unbearable.

“It was the first time I felt this way, and to see my husband also struggling, it was not easy,” she shares.

Mrs Setu said despite the physical pain, what she found most difficult about contracting the coronavirus was being isolated from her children.

“At one stage, I couldn’t stop crying. I just wanted to hug my babies. With Ofo and I both fighting off the symptoms, I really feared for my children. And I know all mothers would feel the same way..”

Jacinta and Ofo Setu in happier times.

“It was the first time I had been away from my baby, my youngest, and it was hard for me”.

Mrs Setu started the road to recovery after a few days, but her husband continued to be confined to his bed, enduring acute headaches and fatigue.

“My advice to all our Samoan people out there, please get vaccinated to save you and your family from Covid,” pleads Jacinta.

“What we are going through, I wouldn’t want to wish this upon any family.. so please, save yourself and your children unnecessary pain and get vaccinated”.

Having recovered after several days, Mrs Setu said they were elated to receive an approval notice from the New South Wales Health Services, that she could finally have lunch with her children outside of their home, and also get some fresh air.

“But in that also, I have to keep the distance from my dear children,” she said.

Mrs Setu says their story is also  one about putting our faith in God, and trusting in Him for our healing.

“We can endure all things in God and as a mother I testify of God’s love and his healing power that has taken us through this challenge”, she said.

Mrs Setu acknowledged the support and prayers from both her husband’s family and her family, as well as friends and relatives who dropped off groceries and packages of necessities during their home isolation.

“Thank you so much for the love that you have shown to us..”

“We continue to place our faith in God, that know that He will never forsake us during these difficult challenges,” testifies Mrs Setu.

Marieta H Ilalio