Connectivity, Accessibility and Resilience Key Priorities of Transport & Infrastructure Sector Plan


By Leota Marc Membrere, 12 June 2023, Apia Samoa. Samoa’s Minister of Works, Transport and Infrastructure (MWTI) Hon Olo Afoa Fiti Vaai, says the ministry’s five year Sector Plan 2023 – 2028 is well aligned to Samoa’s national development strategy to ensure connectivity, accessibility and resilience.

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“We believe that assurance of connectivity, accessibility and resilience is the key to empowering communities, building resilience, and inspiring growth to elevate the quality of life for all ensuring no one is left behind,” said the Minister during the Strat Plan’s official launch at Tanoa last Thursday.

The plan sets out the sector’s long-term priority goals and key activities to be executed over the next five years for both the Transport and Infrastructure sectors in Samoa operating under MWTI.

The Minister reiterated in his keynote address that the Ministry’s goals and the Sector’s direction aligns well with the national plan or the ‘Pathway for the Development of Samoa’ (PDS).

So, the plan, he further explained, reflects the transport and infrastructure sector’s commitment for the next five years and preparations for the advancement of services in future years.

According to Olo, physical works and initiatives are scheduled for implementation, several studies are being commissioned to inform future infrastructural developments, to strengthen the Sector’s capacity and determine a business outlook in support of the nation’s economy.

The Minister also highlighted that the plan was the result of collaborative efforts of ministries, corporations, private sector, communities, Samoa’s development partners and stakeholders.

Olo says it is the first time a sector plan has been formulated without the assistance of an overseas consultant.

“When overseas consultants are brought in for these purposes, we ask “why?”

Government officials at launch of MWTI sector plan. 📸 Leota Marc Membrere.

We are always told, it’s because they are “experts”. And so we ask again, What about us? Well, the Transport and Infrastructure Sector has answered that question for you today – We are all experts.”

The Minister says the implementation will be faced with challenges however, he believes Samoa and it’s stakeholders have come a long way, and are well prepared and ready to address issues as they arise.

“As government officials, the private sector, communities and development partners have worked endlessly for years in serving our Samoa”.