Companies Advised to Submit Proof of Staff Vaccinations to NEOC by Friday

" is the responsibility of each workplace to ensure all its staff are fully vaccinated"


The follow-up mass Covid-19 vaccination campaign for Samoa this Friday 19 November 2021 will not be a public holiday however, companies and workplaces are advised to provide a list of their staff complete with proof of vaccination to NEOC before Friday 19th November 2021.

A notice from the Ministry of Health signed by Director of Health, Leausa Tupa’i Samau T. Dr. Take Naseri states that it is the responsibility of each workplace to ensure all its staff are fully vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health Director General says the focus of the 2nd house to house Mass Vaccination Campaign will be on all those who have not yet received or have overdue 2nd dose shots for the AstraZeneca vaccine.

“The purpose of the one-day Mass campaign is ensure Samoa to achieve heard immunity and protection of its communities”, says Leausa Dr Take Naseri.

“We implore the public’s support to assist with the vaccination teams to identify the individuals and families who have not been vaccinated for their second dose, by tying a piece of red cloth or a red flag in front of their residences,” requests MOH.

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The Ministry of Health Vaccination teams will be working closely with communities to ensure that every eligible household gets vaccinated.

All members of the public who have not yet completed their required vaccination doses are advised to remain at home including those who still haven’t had their first dose.

“The public is also advised to carry their vaccination cards as confirmation of being fully vaccinated especially the working public who are working on this day”.

The following fixed sites will be also available on these day include;
• All District Hospitals including Tuasivi Hospital
• EPI Building at Moto’otua (Blue Building opposite Seb and Rene Store)
• Health Credentialing Centre at Moto’otua
• Matagialalua Health Centre

Police blocks may require you show proof of being fully vaccinated.

Vaccination Tips

When preparing to get vaccinated it is important to have a good meal and drink plenty of water before getting vaccinated. Everyone is advised to present their vaccination cards on the day of the \mass vaccination to the health workers to ensure that all records are well captured. Make sure that you give the vaccinator all the details about your health conditions, history of any allergies, medicines you are taking or took recently on the day of the vaccination, history of bleeding disorder.

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Possible Side Effects

There may be some possible side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine which include pain or swelling at the injection site, tiredness, chills, fever or headache. Majority of people do not have any side effects and if you have pain or fever, you can take over the counter Panadol, drink plenty of fluids and rest. These side effects are self-limiting and should go away in a few days on their own.

Take Prevention Measures 

Fortunately, Samoa has remained COVID free however it is not known how long this can continue, therefore we urge the public to be more health conscious, get vaccinated, and continue to take all other COVID-19 prevention measures.

The Director General of Health urges, “We request the support of everyone so that Samoa remains safe from sever effects of COVID19”.

For more information, please contact the MOH Call Centre: 800-6440 or NEOC Call Centre: 997 or the MOH Facebook page @healthsamoa.

Do it for Samoa!