Coca-Cola Foundation Supports Recycling Awareness in Samoa


Apia, 21 June 2022. Samoa Recycling and Waste Management Association (SRWMA) will
embark on a PET plastic bottle and can recycling awareness and education programme, with grant assistance of ST$100,000 from The Coca-Cola Foundation – the global philanthropic arm of the Coca-Cola Company.

SRWMA President Marina Keil says the availability of recycling is increasing but there is still a lot of work to do.

“We are delighted The Coca-Cola Foundation is supporting us for a second year. The grant
will allow us to have a presence at all major sports events in Samoa and use these events to promote recycling in a fun and engaging way, in addition to having our recycling cages
available for everyone to use.”

“Our young people are key to driving recycling behaviour ” says the President.

“The grant will also enable us to
implement an education programme with 11 secondary schools”.

Ms Keil says this will involve field trips to the SRWMA facility and to the landfill where students will learn about recycling of PET bottles and aluminum cans.

“This will give them an understanding of how to properly recycle them and encourage family and friends to do the same.”

A total of 500 students are expected to join the educational programme and each will
receive a recycling kit to get them started on the road to sustainable living, says the President.

SRWMA will target national and international calendar days including Global Recycling Day, Earth Day and National Environment Day, running a partnership with selected schools.

The Coca-Cola Foundation President, Saadia Madsbjerg, says: “We believe we can help solve the global packaging waste crisis and are providing support to organisations who are working to achieve this. We are delighted to support SRWMA for a second year as we believe education and awareness of recycling is as important as providing the infrastructure that allows people to recycle.”

About The Coca-Cola Foundation:
Established in 1984, The Coca-Cola Foundation (TCCF) has invested more than $1.4 billion
around the world to protect the environment, empower women to thrive and to enhance the overall well-being of people and communities.