Cloud Band with Active Convergence Zone Over Samoa


Severe Weather Information No11

An active cloud band currently lies over Samoa that is asssociated with an active convergence zone that is directing strong winds with high gusts.  This system will maintain severe weather conditions over Samoa for today.

Torpicial Disturbance 07F is now to the West of Wallis and has low to moderate chance to develop into a Tripical Cyclone. The system is forecasted to continue its South East movement with slight intensification.

Tropical Disturbance 08F continues to move South East further away from Samoa.

Potential Impacts

Heavy downpours with poor visibility.

Strong and gusty winds winds with flying objects.

Foggy and slippery roads over mountain passes and ranges.

Strong river outflow and landslides. Pooling near roadsides and waterways.

Strong currents and rough seas with coastal inundation. Uproot breakable trees.

Sattelite image over Samoa taken 5am Wed 19 Feb 2020