China Donates Anti-Epidemic Materials to Samoa


On February 1st, His Excellency Chao Xiaoliang, Chinese Ambassador to Samoa, donated anti-epidemic materials to the National Hospital of Samoa on behalf of the Chinese government.

This batch of anti-epidemic materials includes 20,000 disposable medical masks, 10,000 surgical gloves, 10,000 isolation shoe covers, 9,000 medical caps, 2,000 medical protective clothings, 600 medical goggles.

His Excellency Chao Xiaoliang said that the COVID-19 is the common enemy of all mankind. China has been committed to international cooperation in fighting the epidemic, and has provided anti-epidemic assistance to other developing countries including Samoa, to the best of its ability.

Recently, an imported epidemic occurred in Samoa, and some front-line workers were unfortunately infected. As a good friend and partner of Samoa, China provided assistance as soon as possible to help Samoa to prevent and control the epidemic. In the next step, China will also do its best to donate rapid testing kits to Samoa to heip to improve Samoa’s testing capabilities.

The Chinese side is willing to continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the Samoa side in the fight against the epidemic, so as to jointly defeat the epidemic.