Check Your Heart Before Posting On Social Media

“Others may not be able to see your true intentions, but God will see them clearly.”


Happy Thursday Saints.

Well, now that we’ve dealt with everyone else’s social media posts, what about our own?

The Pharisees were all about appearances. Jesus said in Matthew 23:27 that they were “LIKE WHITE WASHED TOMBS, WHICH LOOK BEAUTIFUL ON THE OUTSIDE.”

White washed meant that they were clean and spotless. There was not a single bit of dirt on them. They looked amazing, but Jesus went on to explain that on the inside, they were “UNCLEAN.”

Sometimes, Christians use social media to give “PRAISE REPORTS” and claim that it’s being posted for the “GLORY” of God. It seems good on the outside, but inside – they are doing it to draw attention to themselves. And instead of it being posted for God’s glory, it’s being done for their own vain glory.

There is a fine line between a praise report that glorifies God and one that glorifies self. We must check our hearts before we post anything on social media.

1Corinthians 10:31 says, “WHATEVER YOU DO, DO IT ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD.”

So the real question isn’t “WHAT AM I POSTING?” but “WHY AM I POSTING THIS?” Only you will know your motivation, and only you will know WHO you’re doing it for.

Others may not be able to see your true intentions, but God will see them clearly. Check your heart before you post. And may you AND THE LORD be pleased with your reasons.

Have a great day Saints.
God bless, and lots’a love,

Pastor Warren Retzlaff