CEO of Samoa Sports Facilities Enters Not Guilty Pleas to All 5 Charges Filed Against Him



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The Chief Executive Officer of the Samoa Sports Facilities Authority, Moefaauo Salale Moananu, stood before the District Court to enter not guilty pleas to all five charges filed against him.

The SSFA CEO faces five charges including assault, threatening to kill and illegal possession of a weapon that was not licensed to him.

Moefaauo was charged after a road incident that involved a Police Sergeant. The incident occurred one Saturday afternoon in July, at about 1pm. The CEO was driving his government-assigned vehicle, while the off-duty Sergeant was travelling in his private vehicle with his wife.

According to a source, there was a near-accident between the two vehicles, and an altercation arose between the CEO and the uniformed Sergeant, when they stopped on the side of the road. The disagreement elevated to a physical altercation which ended with the Sergeant pressing charges, and filing charges, against the CEO.

The District Court has set two days in November for the hearing, where the CEO will be given the opportunity to clear his name.