Celebrate Each Others Blessings And Victories


Happy Thursday Saints.

The New Living Translation of Romans 12:15 says, “BE HAPPY WITH THOSE WHO ARE HAPPY.”


If someone you know has some good news, celebrate with them and share in their joy. Sometimes, when I’m feeling down, I get encouraged and inspired by how good the Lord has been to someone that I love and care about.

Good news is worth celebrating! And celebrating someone else’s good news will benefit you too.

The Bible encourages us to REJOICE when things are going well for others.

Whenever we think of empathy, we mainly think of empathising with people’s pain or suffering. But we can also empathise with their joy. We can express our love for others by celebrating their blessings, victories, and accomplishments.

It can become difficult to rejoice with others when we don’t have our eyes on the Lord. James 1:17 tells us that “EVERY GOOD THING GIVEN AND EVERY PERFECT GIFT IS FROM ABOVE; IT COMES DOWN FROM THE FATHER OF LIGHTS, THE CREATOR AND THE SUSTAINER OF THE HEAVENS.”

We should rejoice when others have received what they have believed God for. The answer to their prayers should help us stand firm in our faith in God’s provision.

When God is our source, and we place our trust in Him, we know that any good thing and any perfect gift that He wants us to have will come to us in due time.

And while we are waiting on the Lord, we may as well have some fun and celebrate what He has done for others. So, next time someone starts dancing, jumping for joy, or lifting their hands to celebrate God’s goodness, don’t let them rejoice alone.

Have a fabulous day. God bless, and lots’a love,

Pastor Warren Retzlaff