Catholic Parish at Levi Saleimoa Dedicates New Church Building



The Maria Imakulata Catholic church building at Levī Saleimoa was dedicated and blessed this week by his Grace Archbishop Alapati Lui Mataeliga, the leader of the Catholic Church in Samoa.

Treasurer of the Levi Parish Peseta Mafuli Sapau gave a summary of the project costs and said $130,000 tala was collected here in Samoa while over $500,000 was donated by a group of Levi Catholic church sons and daughters in Auckland New Zealand and Sydney Australia.

Another $300,000 tala of loans was then needed to complete the project, by Era Construction Builders.

Levi Saleimoa new Catholic Church under construction.

The new church building has been built on the exact same location – sitting up on the hill where the old church building was.

During the church dedication Archbishop Alapati Lui Mataeliga spoke about the importance of this season, and the work John the Baptist came to do.

Inside the new church building built by Chinese constructors, Era.

He commended the parishioners for the beautiful church building and successful completion of the project work, however, he reminded them that people were more important to the Lord.

“This is a beautiful building, but within you and I, is where the Lord dwells…”

“E ui la i le matagofie o lenei galuega ae aua ne’i sili atu le fale nei i lõ le fale lenā; o oe ma a’u…e afio ai le Alii.”

His Grace called on the Levi Saleimoa parish to work together in the spirit of unity and in the absence of conflict and infighting.

His Grace Archbishop Alapati Lui Mataeliga. File Image: Archdiocese of Samoa.

“A malosi ma fealofani outou, ua malosi fo’i le Ekalesia, ae po’o le ā le to’atele ma le maua o a fe’aina’i, ua tatou faavaivaiina le Ekalesia, o le tino o Keriso..”

The Maria Imakulata church parish received donations from invited guests who attended the blessing ceremony – funds that will all go toward the repayments of their remaining loan.

“O ai ua mū le loto e fia fesoasoani atu, e talia ma le fiafia e le aulotu,” said Peseta.

Maina Vai