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We ALL Need to Step Up and Do Something About It

  About this horrific incident at the Gas Station: Dear Parents, Raise your son right. Don’t raise little shitty boys who turn into abusive, murderous monsters. Allow men to feel and express their emotions the right way when they are young so they can grow up and be mature and loving fathers and husbands. Nurture […]

SGN People of the Year – Survivors of Abuse from Samoa’s Campus of Hope

Have You Ever Felt Like People Just Don’t Understand You?

Have you ever felt like people just don’t understand you? Or you just don’t really understand people? Have you ever felt at some point like you don’t really fit in somewhere? Well I have. Lol. Lots of times. I’m weird like that.  I came across the term “introvert” a few years ago. I don’t fully […]

Life and Governance in the Rice Fields of Timor-Leste

#Opinion Are We as a Country Focusing on the Wrong Aspects of Development?

#Opinion by Floris Niu, Farmer, Tuanai Village (25 km from Apia). I’m worried that this Measles tragedy has exposed many vulnerabilities for Samoa and Samoans…that we are not as strong or resilient as we sometimes make out. Are we as a country focusing on the wrong aspects of development? I’ve just come back from UN […]

There are many different forms of bullying