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We Should Ask “Why are Our People so Desperate to Find Employment Overseas?”

A former head of Samoa’s Public Service Commission is calling for a more in-depth look into the reasons behind the horrific incident earlier this week at the EFKS hall, that that saw two people critically injured and another seven needing hospital treatment. “We should seek to understand why our people are so desperate to find […]

Student Calls for Law Change to Allow Youth Turning 21 on Election Year to Vote

Come Sunday, we Forget the Hardship – Samoanness is a Way of Life

The empty beaches, climbing debts, and busy Apia streets are going berserk all at once. Restaurants, the one I ventured to, on a blessed Saturday morning, smells of empty seats, eager waiters, and owners smiling to the teeth. I hear a person of political importance complimenting the chef. It brings a smile to my hopeful […]

Cancer is a B!$%£€ and this is Part of My Story

Don’t Lose Respect for One Another Samoa

#PostOfTheWeek With the expansive use of social media amongst Samoans both in Samoa and around the globe, the lead up to the 2021 April 9th general elections has taken a somewhat ugly turn with political debates reaching a new low in terms of abusive name-calling, foul language, and personal character attacks between those on opposing […]

#Opinion Are We as a Country Focusing on the Wrong Aspects of Development?

SGN People of the Year – Survivors of Abuse from Samoa’s Campus of Hope

People of the Year 2020. The team at Samoa Global News pay tribute to teenage survivors of sexual violence at the Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG) Campus of Hope. This year, several survivors whose cases have been closed, and their perpetrators locked away at Tanumalala, took the brave step forward to become survivor-advocates in the […]

Ten to Twenty Days? Are you Serious?

A Tribute to an Editor who Taught us to Report the Truth “Even if They Hate You For It”

  “Mari, how would you save the world?” This was always Mataafa Keni Lesa’s question to me, every morning during our editorial meetings. By the question he means, what stories did I have in mind for that day.. that would make a difference to the lives of people, and be important enough for the front […]

Ten to Twenty Days? Are you Serious?