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Jacinda Ardern: A Leader can be Both Compassionate and Strong

By Solange MOUGIN of france24.  Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern earned the respect of global leaders for her response to New Zealand’s 2017 terror attacks with praise for her compassionate-but-tough leadership style. She was the darling of the progressive left in New Zealand, her charm and magnetism easing her rise up the political ranks to make […]

SGN People of the Year – Survivors of Abuse from Samoa’s Campus of Hope

Student Calls for Law Change to Allow Youth Turning 21 on Election Year to Vote

A 16 year old student from Avele College, is calling on the Commission of Inquiry to consider an amendment to Samoa’s Electoral Act that would allow him and others born in 2005 to vote in the 2026 general elections. In an interview with Samoa Global News, Jay Sione from the village of Sinamoga says if […]

SGN People of the Year – Survivors of Abuse from Samoa’s Campus of Hope

Dan Leo on What is Needed for Eligibility Reforms to Sustainably Support Pacific Rugby

Pacific Rugby Players Welfare Director, Daniel Leo, has been fighting for changes to the World Rugby eligibility rules for more than a decade. As Pacific Rugby celebrate the amended laws that now allows an international rugby player to move from one union to another after a 3-year stand down period, Dan Leo highlights the significance […]

Sunset in Samoa – Bailouts for Samoan People