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Toeolesulusulu Calls for Review of $40M Tala Samoa National Broadband Highway

Member of Parliament for Aana Alofi 4, Toeolesulusulu Cedric Schuster has called for a review of the Samoa National Broadband Highway (SNBH) – launched in 2014 as a centralised government network aimed at linking the different ministries, corporations, authorities, schools and communities across Samoa. The Samoa National Broadband Highway Project was financed through a US$20 […]

Former Tautua Party Candidate Papalii Lio says HRPP is the People’s Choice

Samoa Government Budget Address 2021/2022

GOVERNMENT OF SAMOA BUDGET ADDRESS 2021/2022 “Recovery, building resilience and shared prosperity for all the people of Samoa” Afioga Mulipola Anarosa Ale Molio’o MINISTER OF FINANCE 2021/22 BUDGET ADDRESS Mr Speaker and Honourable Members of Parliament, Greetings to you Mr Speaker on this beautiful morning. Greetings also to the Honourable Prime Minister and Honourable Ministers […]

Former Tautua Party Candidate Papalii Lio says HRPP is the People’s Choice

Lē Faatulafonoina le Faatautoga a le FAST, Tatau ona Tauaofia le Palemene i Totonu o le 7 Aso

Ua tu’uina mai le i’uga a le Fa’amasinoga Maualuga e tusa ai o le su’esu’eina pe e talafeagai le fa’atautoga e pei ona fa’atinoina e le Vaega Fa’aupufai a le Fa’atuatua i le Atua Samoa ua Tasi ma ua fa’apea mai ai le Fa’amasinoga, e le fa’avaea ma e le fa’atulafonoina lea fa’atautoga e pei […]

Tali le Palemia i Lafoga a le SNDP

Questions Raised about Member of Parliament Convictions Ignites War of Words

  A Member of Parliament disqualified by the Electoral Commissioner from running in the upcoming general elections accused the FAST party of giving out misinformation about his ineligibility to run, saying his character was defamed during a political rally in his own constituency. Member of Parliament for Aiga i le Tai, Mulipola Laki Leiataua is […]

MP Olo Fiti Vaai Says Government is Corrupt

Minister Says Samoa Must Prepare for the ‘Future of Work’

The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Labour, Lautafi Fio Selafi Purcell, has called for a forward-looking approach to the development of Samoa’s labour force, to ensure it is able to respond to changes taking place in the world of work. During his Ministerial address in Parliament, Lautafi said the Ministry (MCIL) continues to work closely […]

MP Olo Fiti Vaai Says Government is Corrupt

Media Banned from Parliamentary Pre-Sittings Except for Paid TV Awareness Program

Local media, who had been able to attend Parliamentary Pre-Sittings in the past are no longer permitted, however, the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly confirms that the message is being conveyed to the public through a popular awareness program televised on TV1 Samoa. As confirmed by Tiatia Graeme Tualaulelei in an interview yesterday afternoon, the […]

MP Olo Fiti Vaai Says Government is Corrupt

Three Acts of Parliament Can Now Be Downloaded Online

After months of controversy, debates and a nation-wide consultation by a Parliamentary Committee, the three controversial Bills passed by Parliament into Law on the 15th of December 2020, can now be downloaded from the Palemene o Samoa website. The Constitution Amendment Act 2020 English version has 31 pages, the Judicature Act 2020 has 14 pages, […]

MP Olo Fiti Vaai Says Government is Corrupt

Constituents Voice their Opinions and Concerns during Campaign Rally

10 January 2021, Apia Samoa. The Fa’atuatua i le Atua Samoa ua Tasi (FAST) Party continued their national roadshow throughout the week that aims to host an election campaign rally for each electoral constituency as Samoa prepares for the April 2021 general election. During the Faleata II rally held last Friday at the home of […]

Aliimalemanu Calls for the Establishment of a Quality Parenting Program