Candidate Wants to Raise Standard of Living and Bridge Wealth Gap


Unasa Tofa Tauiliilii Levaai wants to make a difference in his Constituency and says he is motivated to bridge the gap between the rich and poor.

Running against current MP Tofa Lio Foleni and three other candidates for the Faasaleleaga No4 seat, Unasa says he grew up noticing that MPs disregarded the voters’ needs once they were elected.

“I’m not trying to badmouth them but it’s like all they care about is themselves, but they forget about the whole constituency,” he told Samoa Global News.

The youngest HRPP candidate says it is not a secret that in Samoa there is a wealth gap and families are not all at the same stage of development.

“It is common in every district that there are well developed families, then some families in the middle and the rest at the bottom of the graph”, said Unasa.

A funeral director by profession and an active member of the Marist St Joseph’s Sports Club, Unasa wants to make sure noone in his district is left behind and says there are families “at the bottom of the graph” that need help.

“My priority is to at least do something to try and balance up the equation.. and at least develop the very bottom part of the graph and those in the middle, to ensure everyone in my district are the same”, he says

His key focus areas if elected are to bridge the wealth gap, stand for gender equality and develop educational programs for Samoa.

“I want to develop our education by bringing some volunteers to help out with our students especially with English literature”, he says

He says parents who wait outside classrooms the whole day for their children could be using this time to learn.

He adds that Samoa’s economic development needs to stay focused on Agriculture and Fisheries.

“This is our backbone in the last 50 or 60 years ago, basically popo ma le koko”.

He wants to see change in Samoa and wants to enforce the late Tofilau Eti Alesana’s notion that, “What’s good for Upolu can also be accessible and available to Savaii”, he adds.

In terms of the elections, Unasa says he will continue to work for his constituency no matter the result.

“No matter if people don’t vote for you, you still love them because God first loved the world”.

Jaleen Tupai