Campus of Hope Receives Homeware and Sports Equipment for Children


The Campus of Hope received donations of homeware appliances and sporting equipment from various supporters, which will go a long way in helping the shelter to cater for the young children who have temporarily called it ‘home’.

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The Campus of Hope is a shelter facility for young victims of abuse, under the care of the Samoa Victim Support Group. It is the only care center of its kind in Samoa, and this donation highlights the extensive network of supporters the local organization has developed over its 18 years of service.

A container of equipment for SVSG from Pacific Assist.


Through the partnership with the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints Charities, Pacific Assist and Community Connect, the Campus received a washing machine, a stove, a television, weed eaters and many other necessities.

A trailer of sporting equipment, complete with the Campus of Hope printed on the side, was also donated for the children to enjoy during their outing activities. 


Siliniu Lina Chang, SVSG President thanked the Chair and Directors of Pacific Assist New Zealand, through Callum Blair, for their support and willingness to partner with SVSG.

“Your sincerity towards helping SVSG support the children of hope encourages us with our work.”

“Thank you also to Community Connect New Zealand for your assistance in coordinating this donation for the Campus,” added Siliniu.