Cabinet approves Suppliers of Sports Equipment for Pacific Games 2019


(PACIFIC GAMES OFFICE); Cabinet has approved and awarded contracts to local businesses Island Rock Company Limited and Samoa Stationery & Books (SSAB) Limited to supply Sports Equipment for the Pacific Games this July.

Breakdown of successful bids:

  • Island Rock Co. LtdST$298,883.10 (to supply Lot 1 (split between Island Rock and SSAB) & Lot 3)
    • Lot 1 – General Sports Equipment
    • Lot 3 – Sports Equipment for Sailing
  • Samoa Stationery & Books (SSAB) LtdST$84,763 (to supply Lot 1 (split between Island Rock and SSAB)

Sports equipment for the various sports is required in order to host a successful Pacific Games. The Government of the Peoples Republic of China is assisting the games by donating 80% of the required sports equipment. The Government of Samoa will procure the remaining 20% of sports equipment.

The evaluation was carried out according to the conditions set out in the Request for Tender document, the stipulations of the Treasury Instructions 2016 and the Samoa Tenders Board Guideline for Government Procurement and Contracting: Goods, Works and General Services 2016.