Buy UTOS Shares using Bluesky’s M-Tala Platform

CEO Bluesky Samoa, Toleafoa Douglas Greevey and CEO UTOS, TevagaVianeTagiilima shaking hands and holding signed Agreements for the use of MTALA.
CEO Bluesky Samoa, Toleafoa Douglas Greevey and CEO UTOS, TevagaVianeTagiilima shaking hands and holding signed Agreements for the use of MTALA.

UTOS Unitholders have started their month of April with great news. As of Tuesday 2nd of April, an announcement was made publicizing a new added benefit for all UTOS unitholders; whereby they can now purchase Units with UTOS using Bluesky’s new innovation; the M-Tala.

The usual process whereUTOS customers had to visit and queue up at the UTOS Office on level 3 of the Development Bank of Samoa building or visit any Samoa Post Office, complete the ‘Application Form for Purchase of Units’, hold large amounts of cash money and provide two photo identifications, to the office manager where your application will be processed – can now be made easier with the launching of the M-Tala.

“Bluesky has all of this modern technology which we have utilized to come up with a useful solution to enable a more convenient lifestyle for our customers. Today, we’re proud to announce another added benefit of our partnership with UTOS where UTOS members can buy shares conveniently from the comfort of their own homes, without the need of smart phones or data. Bluesky is not just a data network, we’re also a solution selling network.” Says Toleafoa Douglas Creevey

“M-Tala was designed with the rural population in mind who do not have easy access to make money transfers and to pay their every day bill payments – the functionality of the M-Tala caters to just that.” Blueksy CEO added.

Launching of the M-Tala service is a big step towards making it easy for the local public to buy UTOS units using the M-Tala service. And for our overseas clients down the pipeline they can also purchase units from abroad when the M-Tala service implements its phase 2. UTOS pays out dividends in June of each year pending the Trust financial performance, unitholders are given three months to make a decision as to whether they wish to reinvest or withdraw their dividend. If a Unitholder does not declare an intention to withdraw his or her dividend within this period, the Manager will automatically reinvest the dividend. Therefore a perfect time to sign up for a UTOS account and start buying Units is now and with it being available on M-Tala lining up or catching a bus to town areas or local post offices will not be required. Simply visit any local Bluesky Store and register for an M-Tala account and start buying your shares safely and easily.

The Unit Trust of Samoa has a 25% equity investment in Bluesky Samoa, the launch of UTOS M-Tala service will continually strengthen the competitive edge of Bluesky Samoa therefore gains earned by Bluesky will be indirectly channeled back to UTOS unitholders either through dividends or unit value growth. Currently UTOS has more than 2,500unitholders who can now utilize this new service to continually build their investment for a better future.

Registration for M-Tala is free with only 3 easy steps to get you started: 1) Register at any Bluesky Retail Store or Authorized M-Tala Agents with a Photo ID, 2) Receive your confirmation text message with activation key number, 3) Active your M-Tala Account by dialing *175# and using the activation key number. It’s the same *175# menu that our customers can use to purchase their shares with UTOS and follow through with benefits available to them.

There are more added benefits coming soon with M-Tala, now is your time to sign up for free at any of our Bluesky Retail Stores. Or if you’re a business owner who wishes to register your business as an M-Tala Agent call 67121 from any local network for more information.