But this happened that we may not rely on ourselves but on God


Everyday in His presence by Charles F Stanley. 

In His presence.., see beyond yourself.

There are circumstances we face that require more than you are humanly able to give. No matter how hard you try these circumstances keep overwhelming you. In fact the more you work to overcome your difficulties the more they seem to defeat you.

This is an indication that the Lord is stretching you – preparing and readying you to accept His power and wisdom for all you face.

You see, He never meant for you to live the Christian life on your own. He meant it to be more than you can imagine.

So do you fear that you won’t be able to do all that you’ve been called upon to accomplish? Does honoring God with all the challenges you face feel impossible?

Good. You are ready accept He is so willing to provide for you. Entrust yourself fully to the Father and discover how much He can do in and through you.

Jesus I cast my cares upon You, knowing You are faithful to help me. Thank you for this opportunity to experience your porvision. Amen.