Bus Overturns in Fagaloa, No Fatalities Reported


A bus taking villagers home on Saturday afternoon crashed and overturned on the narrow roads of Fagaloa near the village of Sauano.

Image: Milo Matamua, Live Video.

According to eye witnesses, the bus carrying passengers seemed to have lost control of it’s brakes, stopping only when it crashed into the side of the mountain, before overturning.

“Makuai saoasaoa lava le sau a le pasi, pei ua leai gi kaofi..”

The mountainous roads of Fagaloa are narrow and not for the faint-hearted, however, locals say bus drivers of the Tuisamau privately owned buses that service the area are well accustomed to the conditions of the roads.

A live video filmed by Milo Matamua of Uafato shows residents helping with the inured as they awaited the arrival of ambulances and SFESA – (fire and emergency services authority).

“Noone has died,” said an eye witness.

“E leai se isi o maliu.”

However FESA have reported the incident as a “mass casualty motor vehicle accident”.

“SFESA Rescue teams and supporting agencies are currently working together to ensure the safety of the people affected.”

SFESA says that while the cause of the incident is yet to be determined the Authority advises everyone traveling towards Fagaloa and everywhere to:


“The heavy rains and slippery roads can endanger the traveling public and can cause serious accidents.”

According to locals at the scene, the bus was out of control and the driver looked to have had no control of the breaks.

“E masagi lelei lava kama ia i auala, ae o le makou vaai, ua leai gi kaofi o le pasi.”

Situated at Fagaloa Bay are the villages of Sauano, Saletele, Musumusu, Salimu, Ta’elefaga, Maasina, Lona, Samamea and Uafato.

The roads along the steep mountainous terrain are often affected by landslides particularly when it’s raining.

SFESA Message:

Your safety is our priority

Call 911

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