BSP Samoa Scholarship Program Bring Smiles to over 70 students


BSP proudly announces the successful awarding of scholarships to over 70 students from primary and secondary schools in Samoa. The students along with their parents gathered on Monday 12th February at the BSP Main Office to receive their cheques for their full year tuition, a scholarship certificate and BSP goodie bags. 

 This initiative spearheaded by BSP for 9 years, aimed to provide crucial financial assistance to families facing hardships in ensuring their children’s access to education. The scholarship program represents more than just financial aid; it symbolizes hope, opportunity, and the belief in the power of education to transform lives.  

BSP Country Head, Jennifer Fruean in a statement said, “It’s a heartwarming sight to witness the joy and gratitude shown from the faces of the children who have been selected as recipients of the BSP School Scholarship Program for 2024. Aligned with BSP’s core value of community, the scholarship program reflects BSP’s commitment to respecting, valuing, and uplifting the communities in which we operate. This year we received over 200-scholarship nomination forms, and we could only award scholarships to 72 students based on our budget allocation.  The total cost of these scholarships is over $45 thousand.

As BSP continues its mission to make a positive impact in Samoa, the schools scholarships program remains a cornerstone of its corporate social responsibility efforts. Jennifer further added, “By investing in the education of these bright young minds, BSP is not only enriching their futures but also contributing to the development and prosperity of our communities.”  The bank looks forward to continuing this legacy, empowering more students and contributing to the educational wealth of Samoa.