Brand New Vehicles for Faamati at Falealili Sasae, Siumu and Safata


7 March, 2019. Samoa – Church Ministers of the 21 EFKS parishes in Falealili Sasa’e, Siumu and Safata received brand new vehicles for fa’amati this year.

This was confirmed by the Deacon Elder (Tiakono Toeaina) of the Matagaluega, Lolo Malu Fuimaono Lotomau to the media.

Fa’amati is an annual event originally set for the Women’s Committee from each parish to maintain and improve church assets and facilities.

Usually, the occasion is in the month of March every year where the women contribute things for the upkeep of their pastor, such as household items, cooking utensils, dishes, mats and so forth.

This year it is slightly different as Elder Deacon Lolo confirms. After an inspection was conducted on all of the EFKS parishes it was found that the majority of the work on pastors’ residents, church compounds and buildings were completed during last year’s fa’amati.

He said that a decision was then made that vehicles would be upgraded this year as an important part of church assets.

“Sa fai le asiasiga i aulotu taitasi uma lava i matagaluega a Falealili Sasa’e, Siumu ma Safata ma sa maitau ai o le tele o meatotino e pei o le fale o faafeagaiga, o le falesa ma mea uma ua mae’a uma ona fa’atinoina i le lā tausaga.

“O lea la na a’e ai se tofa ona o le tele lava o tagata i le vaitau lenei ua tofu uma ma ta’avale o le mea la lena sa ae’a ai se finagalo mo ta’avale mo fa’afeagaiga auā o se itu e aogā tele.”

He added each pastor has a different vehicle as selected by his own parish, valued between $80,000 to $100,000.

Lastly he acknowledges all 21 parishes for accepting the proposal which is a call he makes as the overseer of fa’amati.