Boys Find Dead Body Floating in the Ocean at Fasitoo Uta


Two boys found a body floating in the water near their home in Fasitoo Uta this morning.

The deceased was known to the boys as an elderly man believed to be in his 60s who lives with his sister at Fasitoo Uta.

Sources from the village say the man’s name is Kagai from the Amoa family of Fasitoo and that the elderly man has a history of mental illness.

The mother of the boys who did not wish to be named says she called for help and other village men came and carried the deceased man to his home to await the arrival of police.

She added that there were visible bruises on the man’s body.

Photo from fb live video

The Samoa Police Service forensics unit took the deceased’s body from his home for examination. Police have launched an investigation into the death and have not yet ruled out foul play.