Boxing: Dillian Whyte claims he was pushed over ‘illegally’ and demands a rematch

Whyte got up inside 10 seconds but was not allowed to continue by the referee (Photo: Getty)

Dillian Whyte has accused Tyson Fury of illegally pushing him over during their heavyweight title clash on Saturday night and wants a rematch to prove his worth.

Fury was a heavy favourite to maintain his unbeaten record and WBC heavyweight world title and duly delivered, winning almost every round before the referee stopped a dazed Whyte just before the halfway mark of the fight

The London fighter had been caught by a Fury uppercut with just a few seconds remaining in the sixth round.

“I was buzzed,” Whyte told Sky Sports on Monday.

Dillian Whyte has claimed he was pushed over ‘illegally’ and demands a rematch.

This ain’t wresting,’ says beaten heavyweight as he claims Fury only won the fight after he was pushed over and hit his head on the canvas.

“But obviously I was trying to recover my senses and he proper full on pushed me like that and I fell over and hit my head on the canvas which is illegal.

“This ain’t wrestling, this is boxing but as usual they let Fury do what he wants to get away with. I should have been allowed extra time to recover and carried on fighting.”

Whyte, who was already five rounds behind on one of the scorecards and three on another, struggled to close the gap between the two fighters and never truly troubled Fury.

He added: “I was hurt. Obviously. I didn’t go straight down. I was hurt, I was trying to get my sense then he full on two-handed pushed me, and I fell over and I hit my head. It’s a terrible joke from the referee but it is what it is.”

Despite selling 94,000 tickets at Wembley and earning Fury £22.9m as well as a £3.2m winner’s bonus, Whyte is unlikely to get his wish for another shot at the WBC title while it remains with its current holder.

“I hope he doesn’t retire because I want another go,” said Whyte, who himself earned £5.75m on the night.

Fury said before the fight that it would be his last but appeared to renege on that promise when he said he could fight UFC star Francis Ngannou after beating Whyte, and his wife Paris also told reporters she did not expect him to quit.

Whyte is a year older than Fury and has now lost two of his last three fights, but insists he is going nowhere.

“I’m not one of those guys that wants to go out on a loss or on a bad performance. I’m still young enough. I still got a lot left in me,” Whyte said.

“I feel strong. I’m still getting better. I fought the best in the world, and I wasn’t outclassed. I wasn’t outboxed.

Had I got beat up for four or five rounds and got completely outclassed, I’d have been like ‘Yeah, yeah it’s time to call it a day’ but I weren’t outclassed obviously.

“I showed the level I am. I’m still there, I’m still good enough, so one fight and I’m back”.

Whyte got up inside 10 seconds but was not allowed to continue by the referee (Photo: Getty)