Boosting Healthcare: Samoa Ministry of Health Upgrades Access to Patient Records


In a move to improve healthcare services, the Ministry of Health in Samoa has introduced a new system to make it easier for health professionals to access patient medical records. Aiono Dr Alex Ekeroma, the Director General of the Ministry of Health, and his team recently received mini-servers, a tech upgrade aimed at ensuring quicker and more secure access to patient information across seven district hospitals.

These mini-servers not only provide a backup for data security but also allow health professionals to access patient records seamlessly. Aiono Dr Alex Ekeroma highlighted the importance of timely information, stating, “The ongoing collection of patient data will inform us about where our focus and priorities should go. When it comes to policy and practice – data is everything.”

This move is part of the #TautuaPartnership between the Ministry of Health and the Government of Samoa, showcasing a joint effort to improve healthcare services and contribute to healthier communities. By integrating these mini-servers, the government aims to enhance healthcare delivery and ensure that citizens receive quality medical services.

The upgraded system is a big deal for healthcare professionals, as it means they can make better-informed decisions leading to improved patient care, accurate diagnoses, and effective treatment plans. This step reflects Samoa’s commitment to using technology to make healthcare more accessible and efficient for everyone.