Bluesky Provides Tablets to Assist Manu Samoa 7S


Manu Samoa 7s’ naming sponsor Bluesky Samoa hosted a luncheon to send off our Nation’s beloved boys in blue (the Manu Samoa 7s) with high spirits as they fly out to Dubai for the first leg of the HSBC 7’s Tournament 2019 – 2020.

During the luncheon Bluesky’s CEO, Satish Sharma also presented tablets to further assist with the development of the team performance via video analysis commenting: “We have full faith in our Manu Samoa 7’s team and we believe this year will be a great year for them. These tablets are to assist and facilitate better monitoring and preparation of players as they prepare for the HSBC 7s. Bluesky is all about technology in fact, as each day passes, technology advances and Bluesky believes in empowering our players with latest technology supported devices and these tabs are just one of them. We hope and wish the very best to our team in the upcoming tournaments.”

“I am so appreciative of Blue Sky’s support of the Samoa 7’s Team. The tablets so kindly given are so beneficial for team and player evaluation. Individual analysis is the ideal way for a player to improve with many learning’s from analyzing their own performance.” Says Sir Gordon Tietjens

Manu Samoa 7s Captain Tomasi Alosio expressed his gratitude towards their Major Sponsor Bluesky Samoa and are heading into the HSBC 7s with their heads held high and ready to make their beloved nation of Samoa proud. The first round of the HSBC 7s will take place on the 5th to the 7th of December, 2019, which will be broadcasted live on TV1 Samoa.