Bluesky Leadership Retreat with Sir Gordon Tietjens

(Picture: Bluesky Management, Supervisors and Leads with Bluesky CEO Toleafoa Douglas Creevey and Manu Samoa 7s Coach, Sir Gordon Tietjens)

09 July 2019, Apia Samoa. Bluesky Samoa held its 2019 Leadership Retreat last week Wednesday at the Taumeasina Island Resort called the “Bluesky Talk”.

The Bluesky Talk saw a gathering of all management and staff who supervise or are leads within their respective teams, to come together and listen to this year’s keynote motivational speaker.

The half day leadership retreat was opened by the CEO of Bluesky Samoa, Toleafoa Douglas Creevey, explaining the theme and encouraging all those in leadership positions to continue to excel in all areas of their work.

After an uplifting opening address by Bluesky’s CEO, he welcomed onto the stage the keynote speaker of this year’s Bluesky Talk, Sir Gordon Tietjens, the head coach for the Manu Samoa 7s team.

“We are very fortunate to have Sir Gordon Frederik Tietjens be our guest speaker today. Thanks to his leadership, he has done a significant job in leading our Manu Samoa 7s team to where they are today. As he shares with us his wealth of knowledge on how to ‘Build a Winning Team’, I encourage everyone to take hold of something you hear today – which you can take back and implement within your teams.” Says Bluesky CEO, Toleafoa Douglas Creevey.

The gathering focused on how to maximize performance, enhancing growth and productivity by collectively using Sir Gordon’s methods which helps to acknowledge an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and then strategizing on the best way forward.

“I use these methods, followed by the simple, yet most important things, which is listening to my team members, showing compassion and leading by example. Do these well and you will be amazed to see your team go beyond their roles expectations, to help chase after that one goal – which is to win.”

Sir Gordon Tietjens spoke of his experiences from leading the Manu Samoa 7s from the bottom of the HSBC 7s Ladder to Rank Number 6 this year, his experiences from coaching the All Blacks 7s which lead them to win consecutive IRB World Series, Commonwealth Gold Medals and also from his days as the Sales Director for an Engineering Firm in New Zealand.

Bluesky CEO Toleafoa Douglas Creevey concluded, “As our Bluesky slogan goes ‘Sky’s the Limit’ so let us continue to aim high and never be complacent. Have self-belief, carry a winning attitude and apply what we’ve learnt from Sir Gordon Tietjens today to assist us for the next 5 months of 2019 not only within our teams, but more importantly within our daily lives too.”