Bluesky Extends Opening Hours for Matafele Store


28 September 2019 Press Release. Bluesky has announced extended hours for their Matafele branch located across the road from ANZ Samoa, opposite the Government Building.

The Matafele branch opening hours are now extended to 8pm every weekday and 6pm on Saturdays.

In a press statement emailed to the media, the Bluesky Samoa CEO Satish Sharma says, “It’s all about offering our services and support to everyone balancing work, family and personal commitments, and also to shift workers and people who work until the late evening. We care for our customers and we are committed towards creating a more convenient lifestyle for them. This is just one step towards that with more to follow, therefore stay connected with Bluesky for an exciting future.”

“We’re finding weekends have become more family-orientated, people are choosing to shop after work. The old way used to be that you’d shop on the weekend, but now families are looking for other times of the day.” he added.

Blueskys White Sunday promotions includes a buy two mobile phones for the price of one – such as the popular BLU Jenny TV mobile phone for $70 which comes equipped with the Analog TV capability and does not require internet data. Customers can get two for $70 tala.

“This is a popular device especially now during the Rugby World Cup 2019, where customers get to watch and cheer on the Manu Samoa Team Live on TV from anywhere in Samoa”.

For the Customers who crave the latest 4G Smart phones, Bluesky also offers the financing option – whereby customers only need to bring their ID and recent pay slips to get the process started. It’s a great way for customers to go on a payment plan and take home their new Smartphone to enjoy right away.

Bluesky Samoa has 6 retail stores around Samoa, with opening hours as follows:

Matafele 8.30am 8.00pm Monday – Friday
8.30am 6.00pm Saturday

Maluafou 8.30am 4.30pm Monday – Friday
8.30am 5.00pm Saturday

Fugalei 8.00am 4.30pm Monday – Friday
8.30am 1.30pm Saturday

Eveni 8.00am 4.30pm Monday – Friday
8.00am 12.00pm Saturday

Vaitele 9.00am 5.30pm Monday – Friday
9.00am 1.00pm Saturday

Salelologa, Savaii 8.00am 4.30pm Monday – Friday
8.00am 12.30pm Saturday