Betty’s Journey of Transformation Attributed to 1Touch Ministry Boot Camp


27 January 2019, Apia Samoa. This is an incredible story of one women’s victory over the battle with obesity and her transformational journey to lose 92 kilograms in just over a year!

Betty Marie Pinati inspires us, and today as Samoa embarks on the biggest eating day of the week, we share the story of how she went from being 178 kilos in June 2017 to 86 kilos by November 2018 after she had joined the 1Touch Ministry boot camp with her work colleagues from USP.

Betty’s journey started with a decision to change her mindset, and she explains the struggle that followed to win the battle between her body saying NO and her mind saying YES.

“In May 2017, I went to Savaii for our office visit. I nearly collapsed trying to get onto the Lady Samoa III ferry. That’s when I said to myself, Betty, you really need to do something about your health condition”.

“In June 2017 one of my friends from work told me that I should join the 1touch ministry bootcamp.”

“On my first day of bootcamp it was challenging because I couldn’t do any exercise, but my mind kept telling me to do it.”

“After my second week I told myself – I can’t continue on to week 3.  So on that Monday of week 3 while I was sitting in the office looking at the clock it’s nearly 5:30pm, my boss said, ‘Are you going to bootcamp or not?'”

“I replied ‘No I can’t do it’ – but my mind kept telling me, ‘Betty you really need to do it if you want to live’.”

“At that moment I stood up, got changed and went to bootcamp.”

Betty is fit and healthy today, training every day and eats no more oily junk.

“From that day till now I keep telling myself, there’s no turning back, this is my season, my time, as God has given me the strength and victory to win every battle.”

When asked about the most challenging obstacle she had to overcome, Betty said that for her, it would be sweet drinks.

“The number one challenge I’ve overcome are fizzy drinks before I joined the bootcamp I used to drink litres of coke and fanta each day.”

When Betty, now 30 years old, decided to make changes to her diet and habits, they were drastic and immediate.

“From that first day of my first bootcamp till now, I’m only drinking warm water and coconut juice.”

Betty describes how difficult life had gotten for her because she was always getting sick, feeling lethargic yet not able to sleep.

“I couldn’t breath normally. I was easily affected by viral diseases like the cold and flu and dengue fever. Once I was sick for a whole month. I couldn’t even move. I couldn’t even sleep too.”

Betty’s Transformational Journey pictures at the beginning of each boot camp. Betty is 84 kilograms today.

Studies show that getting healthy and losing weight is 20% exercise and 80% food intake. Betty says she had to stop eating what she describes as oily junk food.

“Before this whole transformation happened my favourite food was fried chicken with rice or patoto chips, and mayonnaise on top!”

“I’m no longer eating oily junk food and now changing by eating to lots of fruits and vegetables.”

“I gave up soft drinks and I’m now enjoying our local fresh coconut juice, warm water or warm water with lemon and honey in it.”

“I can now walk long distances, go hiking and do my own chores at home.”

Hiking alone let’s me have some time to myself. Betty lost 90+ kilos in just over 12 months.

Betty is the daughter of Eseta and Leota Pinati Iose. She attended Palauli and Vaivase Primary, then went on to Maluafou College and graduated from the University of the South Pacific, Alafua campus.

Betty advises us all that with God by our sides, the journey towards healthy living is possible.

“If anyone is going through what I’ve been through I’m telling you this – there is nothing too hard when you have faith and trust that God will help you. As the Bible says ‘It is not by power, nor by might but my Spirit saith the Lord’“.

Betty loves to encourage others especially women during sessions.

“So to all my sisters and brothers who want to transform and loose weight you have to do right now not tomorrow because you never know what tomorrow brings.”

“1Touch Ministry Bootcamp is one of the best ministries that helps obese people of Samoa to transform themselves. It transforms you spiritually, physically and mentally. Come and join 1Touch Ministry bootcamp. You will love it and you will never want to miss it.”

1Touch Ministry boot camp starts up this week at the Tuanaimato grounds, on the cricket fields opposite the squash courts. For more information contact Pastors Lenny and Tai on or see their FB Page: 1TOUCH:CHAMPION Your Life.