Band of Usos Build New Home for Savaii Family

"BOU's Loto Alofa Community Outreach Project is a way to give back to the community."


The Band of USO’s (BOU) recently built a new home for a family in Savaii funded through its ‘BOU Loto Alofa Community Outreach Projects’.

Mr Faleulu and his family live in Fusi Safotulafai, and says they have been greatly blessed by BOU’s outreach to his family in need.

“I am extremely grateful to BOU for our new home, and for all the support received leading up to the official handover”.

BOU President with Mr Faleu and BOU members at official handover. 📷 BOU.

Members of BOU traveled across to Savaii for the official handover at the beginning of October.

The structure of the new home is based on ADRA’s home design, widely used to provide homes for vulnerable families across Samoa.

President of BOU, Namulauulu Leota Kosi Latu expressed his sincere gratitude and thanks to Su’a Julia Wallwork, and her inspirational team from ADRA Samoa, for their kind assistance in helping BOU make this dream a reality for Mr Faleulu and his family..

Children watch the carpenters at work on their new home. 📷 BOU

“BOU’s Loto Alofa Community Outreach Projects is a way to give back to the community.”

The Band of Uso’s is a fellowship of men and women, with a common goal to live and promote healthier lifestyles.

The group are running a hugely popular healthy lifestyle ‘BOU 6 Weeks Health Challenge’, where over 300 people have registered. The programme is currently in its third week.

6 Week Health Challengers in green to support Mental Health Awareness Week.

In support of Samoa’s commemoration of Mental Health Awareness Week all participants wore green and a gold-coin door collection at an early morning zumba session brought in a $600 tala donation.

“BOU aims to continue partnering with like minded individuals and organizations, through its community outreach projects, to help families throughout Samoa who are in need”.