Bail Hearing Adjourned as Courts deal with Preliminary Legal Issues


18 September 2019, Apia Samoa.  The bail hearing for two men charged with conspiring to murder the Prime Minister of Samoa has been adjourned for the Courts to deal with “preliminary legal issues”.

The two defendants, Samoa First election candidate Lema’i Faioso Sione and Malele Paulo also known as King Faipopo both maintain their innocence and entered not guilty pleas to the charges against them.

Speaking to the media after Court proceedings this morning, lead prosecutor Leone Sua-Mailo said she was not able to ellaborate on the nature of the pre-trial issues.

“The matter has been adjourned to the 16th of October while we deal with preliminary issues;

“I’m sorry, that is all I am at liberty to say,” said Sua-Mailo.

Prosecutor Leone Sua-Mailo

The matter was called at 10am this morning in Samoa’s Supreme Court 1. Both defendants, their family and supporters waited outside for almost an hour while legal counsels held closed discussions in Chambers.

After consulting with her clients, defence Counsel Unasa Iuni Sapolu spoke in Court to address her clients’ supporters. She thanked them for their attendance in Court, updated them and explained the delay.

“The Judge will not be coming out. The matter has been adjourned because there are issues of a legal nature that we, and the prosecutors must address. Some of these are new issues raised, and that is why we need time to address them,” she explained.

The matter is further adjourned to 16 October 2019.