Bachelor of Laws with Honors for Future Human Rights Diplomat


03 August 2019, Auckland New Zealand.  Hard work, long nights of assignments and chasing deadlines has paid off for Cory Tualagi Van Heeswyk, recently graduated with a Bachelor of Laws with Honours from the Auckland University of Technology.

Cory is the middle child and only daughter of Tualagi Keil and Peter Van Heeswyk. Granddaughter of the late Maposua Rudolf Keil and named after her uncle and owner of Radio Polynesia and TV3, Corey Keil.

Cory with her parents and two brothers.

Ms Van Heeswyk earned her degree with Honors by topping the graduating class in the subjects of International Human Rights Law and Refugee Law.

“I focused my Law degree on subjects that had an International element to them;

I found those two papers the most interesting, and I also took International Environmental Law,” said Cory responding to questions from Samoa Global News.

Asked for what the future may hold, Ms Van Heeswyk says she is interested in human rights but would also like to explore opportunities in the areas of international diplomacy.

“I would love to be able to travel for work,” she says.

Cory with her proud grandmother Tualagi Rasmussen

Cory’s Mom says it was a great feeling to watch the increasing number of Pasifika students excel at the AUT graduation.

“As a mum I feel extremely proud of my daughter & all Pasifika graduates contributing to increasing our statistics”.