Bachelor of Commerce for Samoa Global News Junior Reporter


05 April 2019, Apia Samoa. Emma-Rossann Matuu was one of 84 students who graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the National University of Samoa today.

Emma had completed her Bachelor of Commerce double majoring in Accounting and Management while also holding down part time roles as an Accounts Clerk with her parents businesses, Manumailagi Gardens and Apia Customs Agency.

Ms Matuu is also a part-time Junior Reporter for Samoa Global News; her breaking story “Bus Crash at Falelauniu” attracted over 100 fb shares and close to 6k readers.

“I am a jack-of-all-trades”, jokes Emma, “especially when you’re working for family businesses, you have to always be multi-tasking.”

The staff of Manumailagi Gardens were lined up along the seawall with a banner to congratulate Emma today.

Staff of Manumailagi Gardens displaying a banner for Emma.

Ms Matuu says the journey was not always easy but with faith, hard work, perseverance and prayer, she succeeded.

“I am so thankful for having the right friends – we helped and encouraged each other to work hard especially when there were lots of assignments due;

“There were so many late nights, so many long hours of study and yes, it was a struggle at times;

Ms Matuu says it was an emotional day, “While my name was being called out, I felt so emotional, so full of gratitude and just so happy that I had finally done it!”

Emma has dedicated her degree to her parents, business owners Amituanai Iosua Matuu and Lemalu Elaine Slade-Matuu.

“A big thank you to my parents who have supported me on this journey, I couldn’t have done without them;

“Their words of wisdom, encouragement, patience and love became my motivation to keep going. I dedicate this degree to them because through their sacrifice I am able to be where I am today,” shared Ms Matuu.

A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Ms Matuu will now prepare to leave home and serve her church mission.

“I am looking forward to serving my mission before entering the workforce full time.”

Emma-Rossann with friends after the graduation ceremony