Autobots – Transforming Transport in Samoa


11 March, 2019. AutoBots Transport Samoa is a private shuttle transfer service that offers hassle free, safe, classy transport options for locals and tourists in Samoa.

Established in August 2016 the owners Mark and Darlene Wendt’s idea of the business came about when they saw the need for transport and alternative airport transfer services for the tourism market.

The business operates out of Ululoloa where the couple runs the operation with 4 other employees.  Their fleet includes an air conditioned 30-seater bus, vans, double cab trucks and other smaller SUVs.

Mark and Darlene say that their work takes commitment as the busiest time for them is usually the weekends.

Speaking to Samoa Global News Mr Wendt added, “My wife and I both came up with the concept which initially started with airport transfers and providing transport for our expat friends.”

Mr Wendt says they have made many improvements since they first began operations.

“We are actively promoting the business on social media and still changing our product offering, and vehicles, since we first began operating in 2016,” he said.

“We were recently nominated a finalist for the Airport Transfer category for the Samoa Tourism Awards in 2019;

“This was what prompted us to really grow our business and look at our product offering,” said Mr Wendt.

Speaking about the challenges since the start of a new business, he said that the two key areas they focused on was to perfect their services and build their reputation.

“One of the challenges is offering the services that differed from what was already in the market and ensuring it was worth our time and money as an investment.”

Mr Wendt says at the moment they have one main office but are looking at expanding their operation as their market share improves needs arises..with

They do also operate tours to the Savaii and say they will consider opening a branch there for the hotels and resorts once it starts to pick up.

“We will continue to drive our services for guests who visit Samoa and also those who live in Samoa who need transport for that special occasion,” he added.

“Our services are always on time and reliable to show up when you book. You can count on us for that special guest experience and VIP Transportation. Our Slogan is Transforming Transport in Samoa.”

Mr Wendt says he and his wife both want to be successful with their business and excel in their reviews and be the best that’s out there for their clients and guests.

“Autobots Transport Samoa will continue to grow its operation in Samoa and promote Samoa as a Tourist Destination to its guests, promote Excellent Guest Services and support Road Safety and also as it looks to grow and extend our services more.”