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Marlene Mulipola is the Manager for New Extension at Samoa Stationery and Books. Educated at St Mary's College and the National University of Samoa, Lene writes as a hobby.

I Miss You Mom – Happy Birthday in Heaven

I miss you Mum. I miss you on every birthday, every Christmas, every Mother’s Day, White Sunday, Easter. I miss you when I see my friends and cousins with their mothers. I missed you when I had Rosie and I didn’t have you here to show me how to bathe, change or feed a baby. […]

Cancer is a B!$%£€ and this is Part of My Story

Today is World Cancer Day. I lost my Mum to cancer so I thought I would write about her. I don’t think I have ever written about her before. I don’t know why, she was much nicer than my Dad. Lol. A lot of the things that happened during her battle with cancer are blocked […]

Looking Back at 2019 in the Spirit of Positivity

  It’s a few more days until the New Year! Normally, it is a time for me to look back at ALLLLLL I set out to achieve this year, and didn’t. Like how I lost about 14 pounds over 6 weeks from April this year, then put it all back again after 4 weeks. However […]

Have You Ever Felt Like People Just Don’t Understand You?

Have you ever felt like people just don’t understand you? Or you just don’t really understand people? Have you ever felt at some point like you don’t really fit in somewhere? Well I have. Lol. Lots of times. I’m weird like that.  I came across the term “introvert” a few years ago. I don’t fully […]

Grandma’s Church Rules – Break Them at Your Own Risk!

This picture came up as a facebook memory a few days ago. In it is my dad’s late brother Uncle Au’uapa’au Tominiko (the musician/comedian), my dad’s sisters- Aunty Losa (ever Ms Elegant in green), Aunty Silia (peek-a-boo from the back), our late Aunty Sister Malia (the one who smiles like me, teeth and all) and […]

Keeping It Real as a Single Mumma

There is an African proverb that says “it takes a village to raise a child”. While that is true in the broader context of communal living, for a single parent it’s a bit more complex. As a solo mother for four years now (yes, I am a professional single😅) , these are some of the […]