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Samoa Tourism Authority Engages Industry Members to help Enhance Samoa’s Tourism Products and Services

Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) has hosted a series of industry sessions to help enhance Samoa’s tourism products and services. Held in Apia and Savai’i over two days, the Industry Talanoa Meets initiated by STA, gathered local tourism industry members to discuss and collaborate on issues such product offerings, marketing and promotion, research and statistics, and […]

WIBDI’s Revival of Fine Mats a Source of Confidence and Financial Independence for Women with Disabilities

By Australian High Commision Office Media, Apia Samoa. WIBDI is reviving the art of fine mats and empowering women, including those with disabilities, to weave their own futures. A measina, or cultural treasure, the art of weaving fine mats was in danger of disappearing due to modernisation, commercialisation and the cash economy. On this years […]

USP Savaii Centre Receives Funding Assistance from Japan

Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects (GGP) A signing ceremony was held today (7th March) at the University of the South Pacific – Samoa Campus, to formalize a new Grant Assistance for Japan’s Grass-Roots Human Security Projects (GGP). Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Samoa, H.E. Mr. SENTA Keisuke signed over the […]

Happy International Women’s Day from the UN Teams Across the Pacific

International Women’s Day puts a spotlight on the achievements of women and girls everywhere. It is the day of recognition and celebration of the strides which have been made to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment. It also provides an opportunity for self-reflection on our actions (or lack thereof) as leaders, institutions, and governments, to […]

Saunoaga Autū: Minisitā o le Matāgaluega o Soifua Mālōlōina

“Fa’amanatuina o le Aso Fa’apitoa e Fa’atāua ai le Fa’alogo” Lau Susuga i le Fa’afeagaiga, Reverend Semikueva Fa’atoafe, Lau susuga i le Komesina o le MālōAusetalia, Mrs. Emily Luck, Sui Mamalu mai le ‘Āoga Fa’afoma’i, Royal Australian College of Surgeons Lau Afioga i le Fa’atonu Sili Aoao o le Matāgaluega o le Soifua Mālōlōina, iāAiono […]

Associate Professor Amosa Appointed as New NUS Vice- Chancellor and President

2 March 2023, Apia Samoa Cabinet Press Release. The National University of Samoa’s Board and Selection Panel’s recommendation to appoint Associate Professor Tuifa’asisina Patila Amosa as their new Vice-Chancellor and President was unanimously approved by Cabinet this week. At the completion of interviews for the four applicants, Tuifa’asisina is described by the panel as the […]

“Sharing factual, informative and accurate government information carries weight and responsibility”

Government Press Secretariat – Articulated in her Mission to “Ensure a well-governed, safe, and informed Samoa,” the Ministry of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, (MPMC) this week Tuesday held its 3rd Annual Communication Information Liaison Officers Network (CLON) forum. CLON was established three years ago to organise and strengthen the internal network responses by respective […]

Petrol Up by .22 sene per litre for March 2023

01 March 2023, Apia Samoa. We should have all filled up on the last day of February because petrol went up today by 22 sene per litre. It’s the first day of the month when revised fuel prices for Samoa are issued and applied; and this month sees a marked increase in petrol and a […]

Official Launching of New Society of Agricultural Professionals (SOAP)

Similar to other existing societies in Samoa, SOAP will provide technical advice to Agriculture in Samoa, and be used as a platform for knowledge sharing and to enhance professional/career development in the agricultural field. Providing Technical advice to Agriculture in Samoa seems to rely on Government ministries and institutions such as USP and NUS. However, […]