Australia Share Covid19 Doses with Samoa


A shipment of 10,000 Covid19 AstraZeneca vaccines from the Australia arrived into Samoa today in efforts to avoid any delay to Samoa’s immunization roll out, now past the halfway mark for the first dose.

“As we work together to overcome COVID19 and protect our region, Australia has guaranteed to share up to 15 million Covid19 vaccine doses with our closest partners in the Pacific”, said Australian High Commissioner, Her Excellency Emily Luck in a press release issued yesterday.

“As a partner, neighbor and friend, Australia is committed to supporting regional resilience and laying the foundations for our region’s and Samoa’s economic recovery..”

“Australia’s COVID19 support to Samoa also includes delivery of consumables such as syringes, band-aids and safety containers for disposal of syringes and other materials associated with the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine,” adds her Excellency the High Commissioner.

In addition to supporting Samoa to access safe and effective vaccine doses, Australia has also been behind the roll-out through the Tamanu application –  a comprehensive immunisation registry for COVID-19 vaccinations.

“Austarlia stands with Samoa and is ready to provide further support. We will continue to work closely with our Pacific partners, together with the wider Indo-Pacific, to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic together,” Ms Luck ended.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced at the G7 summit a commitment of sharing at least 20 million COVID-19 vaccine doses with Indo-Pacific countries.
Australia will deliver on its commitment with this allocation of up to 15 million doses to the Pacific and Timor-Leste, ensuring the countries can achieve comprehensive vaccine coverage.
“This support also builds on our regional Vaccine Access and Health Security Initiative, where Australia has committed AUD 4.7 million to assist Samoa’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign including:
** supplying additional vaccine doses through Australia’s agreement with UNICEF;
** funding Tamanu – an Australian-developed patient electronic record system that will record vaccines administered, including COVID-19;
**  improving waste management and sanitation in health facilities; and
** providing access to Australian technical advice on vaccine safety and research.
This assistance comes on top of Australia’s AUD$130 million contribution to the COVAX Facility’s Advance Market Commitment, of which Samoa is a participant. Through COVAX, 52,800 vaccines have arrived in Samoa to date.