Australia Presents Medals to Recognise Cyber Work in Samoa


Two senior public servants, Ms. Miriama Betham-Malielegaoi and Laulu Angelo Chan Mow have been recognised by Australia and presented medals for their work in Cyber.

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Ms. Miriama Betham-Malielegaoi, ACEO of the Protocol Division with Samoa’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, was recognised for her contributions to the UN Open Ended Working Group on Cyber.

Ms Betham-Malielegaoi was part of the Women in Cyber Fellow Program.

“Her contributions were invaluable, ensuring improved global outcomes.”

Laulu Angelo Chan Mow is the ACEO of the Information and Communications Division with Samoa’s Police Service. Laulu is the driving force behind Cyber Safety Pasifika (CSP) in Samoa.

CSP is an Australian Federal Police led program aimed at upskilling police officers in cybercrime investigations and increasing cyber safety awareness and education for our communities in the Blue Pacific region.

Ms. Betham-Malielegaoi and Laulu’s participation in these programs will enable them to take this important work forward, ensuring Samoa’s cyber capability remains responsive to the changing nature of cyber threats.

“We warmly congratulate Betham-Malielegaoi and Laulu for their stellar work in cyber,” said Australia’s High Commissioner to Samoa, Her Excellency Emily Luck.

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“We recognise the work of people like Ms. Betham-Malielegaoi and Laulu to build a cyber resilient Samoa as we deal with increasingly widespread and sophisticated cyber threats. Australia continues to support Samoa and the Blue Pacific with innovative and collaborative cyber initiatives to build a safe and prosperous region.”

Both Ms. Betham-Malielegaoi and Laulu have been supported through the Cyber and Critical Tech Cooperation Program, a cyber capacity building initiative of Australia.