Atoa Family Foundation are Back to Bring Blessings for the Campus of Hope Children


    The leader of a regular visiting group from Salt Lake City Utah, Papalii Sam Atoa, had credited the children residents of the Campus of Hope shelter facility, for the blessed visit they’ve had while in Samoa.

    According to Papalii Sam, “It’s been too long since we have been back.”

    “You’ve raised us up, no question about it.” Papalii Sam

    Speaking to the abused children of hope during a day spent at the Campus, Sam reminded the children that they are loved.

    “We hope that what we have here will be a huge benefit, and bless your lives, as you have blessed ours. We love you children, and may God bless you.”

    Papalii Sam and family are regular visitors to the Campus. The family believes in sharing the love of God, especially with the most vulnerable.  They have previously coordinated the ‘Christmas in May’ celebration during their last visit to the Campus before COVID-19 and the border closure.

    Papalii Sam Atoa and Family Foundation were also regular visits for the Mapuifagalele home for the Aged, they were first started coming to Samoa when the devastation of the tsunami hit, and they have been bringing a container every year since.

    “Our first year was May 2010 when we came with my Volleyball team. I have been back every year since, except for last year and this year due to border closures,” he said.

    Despite the COVID-19, Papalii Sam ensured that SVSG is well supported to provide for the children’s daily needs during these challenging times. He arranged for the shipment of bulk supplies of food and toiletries which were delivered to the Campus during lockdown.

    With the current trip, the generosity of this family continues as bulk supplies of donated goods were presented to the SVSG President Siliniu Lina Chang, for the children.  Included in the donation were boxes of jewellery.

    “The jewellery have been donated by a very generous family in Utah, and we hope that these jewellery will be able to sell and will help with funding of the Campus of Hope.” Papalii Sam

    The Atoa Family Foundation container also includes each year, medical supplies for the Ministry of Health.

    SVSG President Siliniu Lina Chang was at the Campus to host Papalii Sam and acknowledged his family’s heart to support the work of SVSG, all the way from Utah.

    “Thank you Papalii Sam for remaining true to our relationship. You continued to keep our children closer to your heart, and have gone out of your way to gather more supporters from your end, towards SVSG and its work.”

    “Thank you for pledging the boxes of jewellery that you have presented, to support the SVSG Fundraising to keep its services going, and the funding of the Campus.” Faafetai. Faafetai. Faafetai tele lava