ATH of Fiji Acquires Bluesky Group for USD$43.5 Million


27 February 2019, Apia Samoa. Press Release. Bluesky wishes to announce the completion of the sale of controlling interest shares in the Bluesky group of companies by Amper SA (Madrid, Spain) to Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited (“ATH”) of Fiji.

ATH has announced that on 22nd February 2019, it completed the final payment of USD $43.5 million (about ST$100 million) for Amper SA’s shares in the Bluesky Group upon satisfactory fulfilment of all condition precedents. The shares were concurrently transferred to ATH.

The Bluesky transaction involves ATH’s acquisition of Amper’s controlling interests of key telecommunication operators and submarine cables in the telecommunications industry in the South Pacific, namely in the US territory of American Samoa, Samoa, and the Cook Islands.

The ATH Group of Companies comprises ATH, Telecom Fiji Limited, Vodafone Fiji Limited, FINTEL, Fiji Directories Limited, ATH Kiribati Limited, Telecom Vanuatu Limited and Datec (Fiji) Limited along with its subsidiary, Datec Australia Pty Limited.

ATH is a public company listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange and is Fiji’s principal telecommunication holding company, through its investments and provision of direct services in a broad range of telecommunications and related services, throughout Fiji, Kiribati and Vanuatu markets.

The Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) is ATH’s largest shareholder.

For any further information or clarification, please contact Douglas Creevey (Bluesky CEO) and or Ivan Fong (CEO / Company Secretary, ATH).