Tropical Depression 10F is West of Asau Moving South-East


The low pressure system analysed to the West North West of Savaii yesterday has been upgraded to a Tropical Depression TD10F.

The system is now located about 250km to the West of Asau or approximately West North West of Apia and is slowly moving South East at a speed of 15km/h or 8 knots.

The system is expected to move South of Samoa and may develop into a Tropical Cyclone Category 1 wind sttength by this afternoon. The potential for this depression to develop into a Tropical Cyclone is moderate.

A massive cloud band associated with this system will again bring periods of heavy rain, strong gusty winds and damaging heavy swells for today.

Potential Impacts:

Heavy downpours with poor visibility, strong and gusty winds with flying objects, foggy and slippery roads over mountain passes and ranges, strong river outflow and landslides, pooling near roadsides and waterways. Strong currents as well as rough seas and coastal inundation. Uproot breakable trees.

The next severe weather information will be issued at 5pm Saturday 22nd Feb.

Heavenly Father cover Samoa with his hedge of protection.