Amoa College Secure Computer Equipment for Six Villages of the District


Amoa College held a ceremony this week to bless new computers and IT equipment that will help students to link from their villages, to the school.

Equipment valued at $22,586 will help to enhance online learning for students of the six villages within the  Constituency.

Faaseleleaga 4 is made up of Faga, Saasaai, Saipipi, Lano, Asaga and Puapua.

With the new norms created by the COVID-19 global pandemic, the school intends to place a computer, a projector and a screen in each village for student online learning.

The opening prayer of the ceremony was led by Rev Ofagalilo Tagitagi Aliu, followed by remarks delivered by the School Principal, Sala’ivao Talagafa Itamua who gave an overview of the project.

“O le ala lea na a’e ai se lagona,  ma avatu ai le talosaga i le paia o le komiti mo le faamoemoe o lenei aso..”

School Principal Sala’ivao Talagafa Itamua Photo: Jano Production.

The project includes 6 laptops, 4 projectors and 4 screens worth $22,586 tala. The school is short of two more projectors and screens to ensure all six villages have a full set.

“We plan to place this equipment in the six villages of the constituency..”

“O le faamoemoe e faaoga i tua i nuu e ono o le itumalo…”

Photo: Jano Production

The project fund was raised from annual donations made  each year by members of Amoa College Old Pupils Association and through fundraisings held when the school celebrated its 50th anniversary last year.

The Principal said the school alumni helped to raise more than 50,000 tala during its Silver Jubillee which was presented to the School Committee.

The need for computer equipment was identified by the school principal and teachers who then received $20,000 tala from the Committee for the project. The balance was sourced by the principal and teachers through other funding available.

“The equipment was not cheap, but the Computer Studies teachers sought the best quality available for the funds we had,” said Sala’ivao Talagafa Itamua.

“O masini nei e le taugofie ae sa taumafai lava nisi o le aiga faiaoga o loo gafa ma mataupu Computer e tau saili lava ni masini tulaga lelei ma tau lelei e gafatia e le seleni.”

The Principal said once computers are set up within the six villages, students will have access to online communications with the school, especially during covid lockdowms.

“They’ll be placed at community centres or in the church compound and faifeau’s homes for easy access within the village.

The School Principal said they are still short of two more projectors and two screens, so that each village is properly set up.