All Students in Wuhan City are Well as Samoa Embassy Continues to Monitor the Situation


The Samoa Ministry of Foregin Affairs has confirmed that all Samoan students studying in Wuhan China are well, and the situation is being closely monitored by the Beijing-based Samoa Embassy.

The Ministry says in a press statement that they are taking all necessary precautions and students may be evacuated once a recently imposed travel ban is lifted.

Over 500 cases and 17 cases are confirmed of the coronavirus that originated in China’s Wuhan city of 11 million people.

“All students are on their winter break and as such, 4 students from Wuhan have travelled abroad during the holiday break with 6 remaining in the city”.

In efforts to contain the spread of the virus, Chinese authorities issued a travel ban for all residents of Wuhan, stopping people from travelling to and out of Wuhan.

In a press statement the Samoa Ministry of Foreign Affairs says, “The Samoa Embassy continues to monitor the situation of the students and are considering relocation to Beijing when the travel ban is lifted”.

MFAT says the Samoa Embassy in China is maintaining contact with the Ministry for updates on the students’ situation.

“All students are well and advised to observe precautionary measures such as using face masks, keeping away from crowded areas, and restricting movements out of their university compounds to necessity”.

MFAT continues to liaise with the China Scholarship Council regarding contingency plans for the students.

The Ambassador of Samoa to China Tapusalaia Terry Toomata says there are many other Pacific Island students in Wuhan and they are in close contact with students on a daily basis.

Pacific Island students studying in Wuhan China. PC: Fiji Times

He adds that they are also in close contact with all parents and families of the students.

“The parents are aware of their children’s well being. All our students are well and we continue to monitor the situation.”

For further information parents may contact: Sharon Potoi Aiafi on email phone 21171.