All Nurses to Become Qualified Vaccinators


As Samoa awaits the arrival of the first batch of Covid-19 vaccines expected to arrive in March, the Director General of the Ministry of Health (MOH) Leausa Dr Take Naseri says a revalidation programme has been put in place to make sure all nurses of MOH are qualified vaccinators.

“We noticed during the measles outbreak in Samoa that some nurses were not qualified and therefore unable to do vaccinations..,

“The Ministry of Health is working to put in place a revalidation programme for all nurses to become qualified vaccinators,” he said.

Leausa adds the vaccines selected for Samoa need to be kept at specific and critical temperature levels.

“When they do arrive, implementation of doses must be done quickly because the vaccines are not effective if not stored properly at the right temperatures,” said Leausa.

The Director General of Health says porper cooling boxes are needed to ensure vaccines are stored at temperatures of not more than minus 10 degrees Celsius.

File Photo: Leausa Dr Take Naseri

Marieta H Ilalio